Health, HIV and AIDS Sector

HIV and AIDS is still one of the biggest challenges to development in Kenya. CARE works with communities, civil society organizations and the Govern-ment of Kenya to keep HIV transmission low, provide support to those who need it and treat those infected and affected with respect, acceptance and protection. Further, CARE’s focus is on strengthening the economic ability of women and youth while reducing stigma and discrimination. In this sector, CARE trains community organizations and individuals in a wide range of technical areas including HIV/AIDS issues and rights and legal redress channels. Numerous home-based caregivers are beneficiaries of such training. With improved skills, caregivers enhance the condition of the infected.


Projects under this are:


Global Fund Program

Family Planning Results Initiative

Innovation Through Sports :Promoting Leaders, Empowering Youth (ITSPLEY) For Social Change

Chagua Maisha Programme

Empowering Girls Through Education



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