Stories from the Field

Click on beneficiary stories below, written by our field staff all over the country and abroad!

Group Savings and Loans

CARE Kenya's wPower Group Savings and Loans changing lives!

Financial Inclusion empowers women in Marsabit

Dadaab Refugee Camps

Working with refugees to deliver vital food aid: A Q&A with CARE’s director of refugee operations in Dadaab, Kenya

Uringi Sam Abott : Leading refugees from within

Waiting in Dadaab : The story of a new refugee

On World Humanitarian Day I am A Worker - and A Refugee

A Greener Side of Dadaab Taking Root

CARE is helping me heal despite my horrific nightmares

I want them to know they are not alone

Northern Kenya

Discovering the benefits of green fodder

Embracing fodder farming in Northern Kenya

Discarding tradition for a healthier future ; Zainabu breastfeeds her child

 My friends ; all men, are now asking how they can join something they considered a 'woman's thing' before!

We are making more profit from our Nyirinyiri , hides and skins than ever before!

Poultry is our New Employment

I push them to work very hard as I am now able to pay their school fees

Health, HIV and AIDS Stories

Local Stars in the Global Fund

Camel Medical and HIV&AIDS Outreaches for Laikipia and Samburu Nomadic Pastoralists

Two Faces of Culture and Religion- Breaking the Barriers - PeaceNet Kenya's story

Youth Friendly Resource Centres Give Hope to the Youth

Transforming Female Youth through HIV and AIDS Awareness Campaigns

Empowering Fisher Folks of Luanda Kotieno Beach to Combat HIV and AIDS Through Global Program


Global CARE stories

 I Can't Stop Teaching!


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